Introducing the DARIC programming language at ROUGOL – 15th March

The next RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) meeting will take place on Monday, 15th March, and once again it will be an online event, held using the Zoom video conferencing system. The guest speaker will be Daryl Dudey, talking on the subject of DARIC, a programming language he has been developing for both RISC OS and Windows.

Daryl was an exhibitor at the 2019 London Show where he was demonstrating his work in progress, a 3D graphics library that could be used from any language. Since then the project has expanded, and during 2020 he began working on the programming language, which is BASIC-like but with built-in support for 3D objects – both their creation and manipulation – and support for sprites and sound is also planned.

In his talk, Daryl will cover how and why he set about developing a language, and why he didn’t simply make use of an existing language, such as the RISC OS or Windows versions of BBC BASIC. Find out about the challenges he has had to overcome, including how he has handled differences between the platforms he has been developing on, and the difficulties compiling standards compliant C++ code on RISC OS – and finally, find out where Daryl sees DARIC heading in future.

And, of course, the talk will include a demonstration of where DARIC is so far – so given its origins, expect to see some impressive graphics demonstrations.

With the meeting being once again held online, using Zoom, it is open for anyone to attend. You’ll need the Zoom software running on a suitable device, obviously, and the log-in details. If you’ve attended other recent ROUGOL events you’ll already have these, but if not simply get in touch in plenty of time, and the link etc. will be sent to you by email on the day. The talk itself will begin at 7:45pm, but the Zoom meeting will be open for people to join from 7:30pm.

With all that in hand, stock up on snacks, fill up your glass, kick the kid(s) or pet(s) out of that comfortable chair, and enjoy the talk!

Looking ahead

The next meeting again will take place on 19th April, and the guest speaker will be none other than the legend that is Sophie Wilson, talking on the subject of The Future of Microprocessors and taking questions, so make sure you get your snack and drink stocks replenished for that one in plenty of time!

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