LanMan98 2.08 released under open source licence

Developed by Paul Gardiner and released as a Warm Silence Software (WSS) product, LanMan98 provided a means to access other devices on a network using the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol. In its original form LanMan98 worked alongside LanManFS and Omniclient, and offered support for long filenames on remote filing systems, but the software grew from those origins and became something that could work independently of Omniclient.

Many people who have used both it and LanManFS have expressed a preference for LanMan98, apparently benefiting from compatibility with a greater selection of devices.

With a number of titles now already brought under its wing, RISC OS Developments Ltd has announced similar for LanMan98 – and, offering thanks to WSS for being able to do so – the software has now been licenced under an open source licence from version 2.08, making it freely available to both use and develop further.

The specific licence used for LanMan98 2.08 onward is the Common Development and Distribution Licence (CDDL) version 1.0, devised by Sun Microsystems, Inc. This was chosen after careful consideration, and advice from Steve Fryatt and Rick Murray, with the intention of ensuring the software remains open source under the same licence if further developed and distributed by third parties. One of the libraries used in LanMan98 carries its own licence, but it is one which is suitably permissive and compatible with CDDL, and full details can be found in the source code directory provided with the software.

LanMan98 2.08 can be found in !Store or downloaded from the RISC OS Developments website. The full source code to the software is contained within the zip file, along with the licence.

With the year behind us having been a difficult one, RISC OS Developments has chosen to dedicate this release to those members of the RISC OS community who, sadly, are no longer with us. A particular nod is sent out to past members of the RISC OS Investment Group – and thanks to remaining members. Support from this group has made projects like this possible.

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