Wakefield Zoom meeting – 5th August – open to all

With a trio of talks to tempt you in

The next meeting of the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC) is coming up and, in keeping with the current restrictions on gatherings, will once again be an online event. However, unlike the last meeting, which was for members only, this one is open to anyone who registers a wish to attend.

Taking place on Wednesday, 5th August from 7:45pm, the meeting is billed as a potpourri Meeting, and three people have lined up to give short talks:

OBS Studio is an open source package for Windows, macOS, and Linux, designed for recording video and live streaming, and Ruth Gunstone will be talking about how to use it to record or stream from a RISC OS source, such as her own Pi-based ‘LegoComp’. Ruth also uses OpenMediaVault on a Raspberry Pi as a media server to provide both audio and video content, and she will provide an overview of this set up. Finally, she will also provide a short tour of her computer system.

Cliff Hatch will speak next and his talk will be about DEC PDP-8 minicomputers, which he was using in the 1970s – and he will demonstrate a modern replica, based around a Raspberry Pi.

The final speaker will be Bernard Boase, who will be taking the group on ‘A Voyage Round My Desktop’.

To attend the meeting, you’ll need a computer able to run the Zoom client, which is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS, and is also available for iOS and Android phones and tablets. With that installed, you should then register your intent to join the meeting by sending an email to info2020@wrocc.org.uk – by the end of Tuesday, 4th August at the latest – and you will receive the necessary details by email on the day of the meeting.

With all that sorted, all you need to do is punch the meeting details into the software (and/or click on the link if you receive emails on the same computer you’ve installed the software) in time for the meeting. Have yourself some snacks handy, and if your computer allows it (i.e. if you’re using something mobile or portable) plonk yourself down in your favourite chair and enjoy the virtual company of other RISC OS users.

Annual membership of the Club costs £15.00, with a first year discount of 50%, bringing it down to just £7.50. The main benefits of membership are:

  • A monthly PDF newsletter, delivered by email.
  • Free entry into normal meetings.
  • Access to the WROCC internet discussion forum.

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