StreetFix coned off and updated

An application from Kevin Wells that uses Wget to provide easy access to online resources from the RISC OS desktop, the aim of StreetFix is designed to make it easy to report neighbourhood problems to the relevant local authority, such as potholes, damaged lampposts, and so on, via the FixMyStreet website.

The application also allows the user to view the ten most recent reports for a given postcode, and by way of a GPX export facility, look at the reported problems on a map via applications such as RiscOSM.

Kevin has updated the application to version 1.03, with the following changes:

  • It now checks to see if Wget (encapsulated in an application directory) has been seen by the filer at start up, and if it isn’t the user is informed that it’s needed.
  • In the event the application crashes, its handling of the problem is now more robust and should see any files it’s using are closed.
  • The mouse pointer now changes shape whenever it is moved over a button in case it’s not obvious that it can be clicked.
  • Finally, the application icon has been replaced with one based on a roadworks sign.

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