Cloverleaf chats ChatCube to ROUGOL – 17th August

The next meeting of the RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) will once again take place online via the Zoom video conferencing system, and will feature Stefan Fröhling from the Cloverleaf project.

The project’s aim is to use a crowdfunding model in order to raise funds to help development of RISC OS software – the type of applications that RISC OS users currently either have to make do without, or turn to other platforms in order to use – as well as to help with updates to the operating system itself. They also have the Rockchip RK3399 processor firmly in their sights – which sports a 2GHz ARM A72 core – as an ideal basis for a series of RISC OS computers, ranging from an entry level mini system, all the way up to a an all in one desktop and a laptop.

Already available for download from Cloverleaf is an online chat system called ChatCube, which in its current version allows both one-to-one and group communications for RISC OS users, with the ability to send images and files, and a number of other features – and future plans include being able to interface with the Facebook and Jabber messenger systems.

Linking in from his home in Thailand, Stefan will be talking to the group about both the Cloverleaf project and ChatCube – and as well as the Zoom meeting itself (which will require a device capable of running the Zoom client, for example as a Windows, Linux, or Apple computer with a webcam and microphone) there will also be a simultaneous chat going on in ChatCube itself – so even RISC OS users unable to connect via Zoom, and therefore unable to see/hear the presentation, will still be able to participate from a RISC OS computer.

Taking place on the evening of Monday, 17th August, the official start time for the meeting is 7:45pm – but to allow people to join it will be open from 7:30pm. In order to join, though, you will first need to contact ROUGOL to register your interest. Having done so (ideally by Sunday at the latest) you will be sent all the necessary details on Monday that you need to join the meeting. All you need to do then is organise your snacks and drinks for the evening, and – subject to the device you are using – position yourself in your favourite chair.

London Show

ROUGOL also organises the annual London Show, which this year is scheduled for 24th October. However, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that as a result of the pandemic, the decision has been taken to cancel the physical event – but that doesn’t mean the show itself won’t go ahead; it’ll hopefully just take another form.

A few ideas about how this could be done were exchanged in the general chat after the last ROUGOL meeting (at which point cancellation of the physical event was only a possibility), and the group is now hoping to go ahead but with a virtual/online event. There is more thought and discussion needed to formulate the idea, but the most likely form will a day-long show theatre, with each exhibitor having a small slot allocated to give a presentation and take questions. Expect a further announcement when the plans are formalised.

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