RiscOSM: Vector mapping for RISC OS

Announcement from Matthew Phillips, 22nd April, 2014.

At the Wakefield Show on Saturday, Sine Nomine Software will be demonstrating, and very probably selling, a major new RISC OS application.

Ten years ago the OpenStreetMap project started in Britain, and has grown into a global mapping database, incorporating contributions from thousands of volunteer mappers and various free data sources. A little over a year ago, one of those volunteer mappers started working on a RISC OS application to render OpenStreetMap data as Drawfiles, and the result is RiscOSM, by Hilary Phillips.

There are plenty of on-line sources for maps these days, but with RiscOSM you can export a Drawfile and edit it to add, remove or correct features. You can incorporate it into your documents, with the liberal OpenStreetMap licence freeing you from worries about copyright infringement. You can design your own style sheet, so that RiscOSM renders a map with different colours or including features that are of particular interest to you.

The RiscOSM viewer is interactive, allowing you to view the details of the map data behind the features, and providing web links to relevant web sites, including Wikipedia, and even live bus departures.

Initially we will be providing mapping for the British Isles and the Netherlands. The software will be available on stand 21 at the Wakefield Show. A full demonstration will be given in the theatre session at 2.30pm.

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