RISC OS Awards 2016: Alternative options

If you have yet to vote, here are some more options for you!

RISC OS Awards logoThe RISC OS Awards 2016 voting form was put online on 18th December, and there have been a similar number of votes cast as at the same point last year, so it’s about time for a quick run down of the alternative options that people have voted for this time around.

Following the same approach as last year, what follows is a simple list of those alternative options, broken down by category. In most cases, just the item suggested is listed, but in some cases if an interesting or notable reason has been given it has also been detailed.

Best non-commercial software
Best hardware
Best solution for backwards compatibility
  • Red Squirrel (Unfortunately, the Red Squirrel home page appears to be down, so I’ve linked to another source from which it appears it can be downloaded).
  • Arculator
Best new development
Best show of initiative
Best website or online resource
Best show or event
Most innovative or interesting project
Best overall contributor
Broken cog of the year
  • R-Comp (for selling ARMv7 compatible software that isn’t)
  • R-Comp (for having the worst possible web presence)
  • Anyone who voted to leave the EU
  • Aaron Timbrell (no reason given)
  • Adrian Lees (for failing to maintain Aemulor)


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