Jun 042017

Well, their output does, anyway, thanks to Richard Ashbery.

Those who have been on the RISC OS scene long enough to remember our printed magazines – Acorn User in particular – will undoubtedly remember the graphics delights provided by Danish programmer Jan Vibe, whose programs featured regularly as type-in listings in the magazine (and later ready to run from the cover discs).

Richard Ashbery, who is well known for his work with ArtWorks2, and publishes a graphic of the month created with the application on his website, has taken a look at many of Jan’s old programs, and made the necessary code changes to get them to run on modern ARM hardware – more specifically, the Raspberry Pi running at 1920×1080.

Having got them up and running, Richard has recorded the output of two batches of Jan’s programs, and uploaded the resulting videos to his YouTube channel:

Jan Vibe’s graphics running on a Pi – batch 1


Jan Vibe’s graphics running on a Pi – batch 2

Richard says at the end of the videos that he is hoping to put more of Jan’s graphics on YouTube in future – so let’s look forward to that possibility!

Updated to add: Jan Vibe was interviewed by Drobe in 2007.