Titanium comes to London user group meeting

Group’s first meeting of 2016 sets a high bar for the rest of the year!

Unless you’ve been asleep since just before the recent London Show, you will be aware of Titanium – the subject of a surprise announcement the night before the show. Developed by Rob Sprowson of Elesar Ltd, Titanium is a new motherboard designed from the outset with RISC OS in mind.

Titanium motherboard
Titanium motherboard

Rob will be bringing a working Titanium system along to the next meeting of the RISC OS User Group of London, which takes place on Monday, 18th January, where he will be talking about how and why he designed it, and demonstrating its features and performance.

The board is already available to purchase directly from Elesar – though obtaining it that way means sourcing the other necessary components that would turn the board into a fully fledged computer. For those less willing (or able) to do that, it is expected that complete systems based around the board will eventually become available from CJE Micro’s and R-Comp1.

The meeting takes place at the usual time and in the usual venue – so that’s from around 7:45pm at:

The Blue-Eyed Maid (upstairs, in the restaurant),
173 Borough High Street,
SE1 1HR.

The meeting is free for anyone to attend, and the venue serves a range of hot and cold foods, along with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It’s located between – and within easy walking distance of –  London Bridge and Borough tube stations, making it easily accessible by public transport. There is also nearby cycle parking.

For drivers, the Congestion Charge cut-off time is 6:00pm, an hour and three quarters before the meeting starts – though you do need to consider parking, which is restricted at all times on double red lines. On single red or yellow lines, it’s best to park after 7:00pm. Also, note that this is central London, so if you aren’t familiar with driving or parking in the nation’s capital, you should allow for extra time, and show extra patience!

Help, if needed, is available by contacting ROUGOL, either by email, by telephone on 07970 211 629, or via the group’s Twitter account.

Hack Circus

The guest speaker at ROUGOL’s meeting last March was Leila Johnston of Hack Circus, a quarterly live show and magazine, and free copies of the magazine were dished out to visitors to the London Show while stocks lasted.

For those that enjoyed the talk and/or the magazine, there is currently a 20% discount on the price of an annual subscription – an offer that ends on 15th January.


  1. Given the name of the board is Titanium, and Titanium is an element named after the Titans of Greek mythology, it would seem fitting if any computers based around it were given names based on that mythology2 – then we could refer to any competition between the systems as a Clash of the Titans. Sadly, though, we already know that CJE Micro’s intends to call theirs RapidO Ti, thanks to the recent Name that Tune Computer competition for their IGEPv5-based system, the Eastwood RapidO Ig. Oh well.
  2. This would also have a nice ring to it, since the first RISC OS computers had the moniker Archimedes, named after the Greek mathematician – although, yes, Archimedes was a real person rather than someone from the myths and legends. It’s also worth noting that Acorn’s RiscPC 2 was going to be called Phoebe, and while it is widely known that Acorn’s choice of name came from the American sitcom, Friends – with other aspects of the system given code names based on the same source – Phoebe was also the name of one of the Titans.

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