Raspberry Pi 2 at February Southampton meeting

The heat is on… hopefully.

The Southampton RISC OS User Group’s next meeting is taking place a day later than usual – the meetings are usually on the second Tuesday of each month but February’s is instead set for Wednesday, 11th February. Meeting organiser Dave Higton changed the date for February a couple of weeks ago, to avoid clashing with a Parents’ Evening at the group’s usual meeting place.

Mr USB (for that is Dave’s real name, honest) has a packed program planned for punters, so if you’re in the area you might want to pop in and see:

  • A Raspberry Pi 2 running RISC OS.
  • A demonstration of improved DHCP behaviour.
  • All the machines on the LAN accessing the internet via a mobile phone’s WiFi Hotspot.

In addition to these, Dave hopes to be able to show progress on control of his heating system via the world wide web – so if all goes to plan, he’ll be returning from the meeting to a nice, warm house. If not, well, let’s hope RISC OS users have a kindhearted nature, and at least one person will bring along a hot water bottle for Dave to use, just in case.

The meeting is free, and runs from 7:00pm until 9:00pm at the Itchen College Sports Centre, Deacon Road, Southampton – look for the College Centre, which is the open area with tables and chairs, next to the Sports Centre Reception desk.

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