Fat32fs filename fix (updated)

Small update brings BIG LETTERS!

Jeffrey A. Doggett has released a new version of Fat32fs, a module that was written to provide a means for RISC OS computers to access FAT12, 16 and 32 formatted storage devices that are greater than 2GB in size (a limit that has been raised to 4GB in RISC OS 5.20). The new version of the module addresses an issue in respect of how file names are displayed.

The module is based on the Embedded Filesystems Library developed by Lennart Yseboodt and Michael De Nil. Being intended for embedded devices, with SD-card support being the main purpose, the library didn’t include support for long file names. Jeff therefore added support for these to the module himself, describing his work as “a bit of a hack.”

The issue addressed in the new version of the module is to do with the way older 8.3 format file names are handled. These are stored in the directory structure in all uppercase, such as MYFILE.TXT, but prior to version 1.47 of the module, the names are displayed with only the very first letter capitalised – so that example would appear as Myfile.txt

According to Jeff, the reason they were displayed that way was because that’s what Warm Silence Software’s Win95fs did and, at the time, he felt it looked better. However, some people have expressed a preference to see the file names appear as they really are – hence the update.

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