User group meetings in June

If you like a lot of chocolate RISC OS in your biscuit social life, join a club!

With some announcements about upcoming meetings appearing around the same time, as well as news of possible changes to meeting dates, why not throw them all together with some bacon, lettuce and tomato in a sarnie. Except without the bacon, lettuce or tomato – since this isn’t a sarnie, it’s a RISCOSitory post. What? It’s been a long weekend! Umm… anyway…


The next meeting of the Southampton Acorn Users Group – SAUG – is this coming Tuesday, June 10th, at Itchen College Sports Centre, Deacon Road, Southampton, running from 7:oopm until 9:00pm.

Dave Higton, aka Mr USB, who announces the meetings each month, will be bringing along a selection of RISC OS computers and USB audio devices, and will also be showing how far along he’s got with his latest project – bringing BlueTooth to RISC OS. He will also be demonstrating driving a second monitor from an Iyonix, using a DisplayLink USB display adaptor, thanks to work done by Jeffrey Lee to develop a driver.


The next meeting of the RISC OS User Group of London – ROUGOL – is next Monday (16th June) and takes place at its usual venue of the Blue-Eyed Maid (upstairs in the Spice Lounge restaurant), 173 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1HR, starting at 7:45pm.

It should be a particularly interesting meeting for anyone with an interest in gaming on RISC OS, since the guest speaker will be Jon Abbott, responsible for the Archimedes Software Preservation Project, the aim of which is to provide publicly available images of all legacy Archimedes software, in its original state – i.e. as it was originally supplied on disc – along with the means to mount the images on both physical and emulated hardware, accompanied by scans of box artwork, manuals, etc.

Jon will be talking about how the project came about and the current state of play, as well as about the issues, both technical and legal, involved in making the disc images available, and will also be demonstrating ADFSS – the software he has written which aims to handle incompatibilities between old software and modern hardware, dealing with them on-the-fly as the games are playing.


There has been a smidgeon of confusion over upcoming meeting dates for the Wessex ARM User Group – WAUG – with the date for June’s meeting seemingly moved forward from the 14th (next Saturday) to the 7th (yesterday) – but it has now been confirmed as the 14th. The date of the July meeting has also changed from the 12th, which is when it would normally be held, to the 19th – presumably because there’s another RISC OS-related event taking place that day.

The Wessex group’s meetings usually tale place on the second Saturday of each month, starting at around 10:30am, at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, RNAS Yeovilton, Ilchester, Somerset, BA22 8HT (and I intend to be at their August meeting with my Soft Rock Software er… hardware hat on – but more news on that closer to the Midlands Show!)

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