Jim Lesurf’s USB audio apps updated

I bet you thought I hadn’t noticed? Well I hadn’t, until now.

Jim Lesurf announced updates to some of his USB audio applications recently – which somehow slipped by RISCOSitory unnoticed until today.

The first of these, announced on 29th May, was an update to USBPlayer, an application that allows suitable wave (.WAV, &FB1) files to be played via USB Audio devices that follow the USB Audio standards. The update brought it up to version 0.60, and Jim explained that “the new version will play a suitable wave file by simply double-clicking on the file in the normal way. It then single tasks and shows a graphical display providing information about playback, etc.

“The second announcement, dated 4th June, concerned an update to more than one application, USBPlayer included, bringing them up to version 0.65. This update was to rectify a bug that stopped the software from working if the USB Audio device had a USB device number less than 10.The other programs mentioned in the update were USBRecorder, which allows the user to make recordings with a suitable USB Audio ADC (Analogue to Digital Converter), and USBAudioProbe, which lists any suitable USB Audio devices connected to the computer and gives the user a report on what sample rates, etc, they can support.

All of the applications can be found in a single zip file, found in the bottom section of Jim’s Audiomisc software page, which also provides links to download the necessary modules, developed by Colin Granville and Dave Higton, and gives examples of devices that should work – and there’s more information about some of those devices on another page of his site.

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