Southampton, Bristol, Midlands user group meetings this week

London, New York, Paris, Munich So’ton, Bristol, Midlands, er, that’s it… Everybody talk about pop music RISC OS!

The Southampton RISC OS Users Group’s next meeting is on Tuesday, November 11th – that’s tomorrow, folks – at its usual location: Itchen College Sports Centre, Deacon Road, Southampton. The group meets in the College Centre, an open area with chairs, adjacent to the Sports Centre Reception desk, and the meeting runs from 7:00pm until 9:00pm, with free admission.

The next meeting for Bristol RISC OS Users is the following evening – Wednesday, November 12th. The group meets up at around 7:00-7:30pm in the Hope and Anchor pub, Jacobs Wells Road, Bristol, and typically carries on until kicking out time. Meetings are informal, so there is no fee – just a group of local RISC OS enthusiasts enjoying a pint and a natter.

Finally, if you’re a Midlands-based RISC OS User, then your local group will be meeting on Saturday, 15th November, at the Methodist Church Hall, Greenhill, Blackwell, Bromsgrove. The Midlands User Group meeting starts at 2:00pm, and there is a small entrance fee to cover costs, and the group says they’ll be taking stock of the past year, and looking forward to the festive season.


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