Date announced for London, 2015

I hope you haven’t put those diaries down closed Organizer!

As well as the 2015 South West Show, another date now known is that for the 2015 London Show. The proposed date – which was mentioned at this year’s show (for which the RISCOSitory show report will – hopefully – appear this coming weekend), and confirmed very soon after – is Saturday, 24th October.

The show website (unsurprisingly – it’s only been just over a week since the 2014 show) doesn’t mention anything yet, so it would be jumping the gun somewhat to make any comments about the venue – not least because comments were made this year about possibly moving to a new venue in future, though the likely venue discussed isn’t much more than a stone’s throw from the St Giles Hotel, where the show has been held for a good few years.

But wherever it is to be held, the important point is that a date has been set – so you can start making plans to attend now!

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