Murnong updated to version 2.31

Keeping up with the Joneses YouTube.

Christopher Martin has released two updates to Murnong, bringing the current version number up to 2.31

Murnong is an application designed to parse web pages passed to it that have been saved from YouTube, with the goal of working out the address of the embedded video. It then launches wget to download the file so that it can be played/converted with FFplay/FFmpeg (both ported to RISC OS by Christopher). The application therefore allows RISC OS users to enjoy the content of Google’s video sharing website, albeit in a more roundabout way than users of other operating systems.

The first of the two updates, bringing the version number up to 2.30, was in response to changes to the YouTube web service that caused all earlier versions to stop working, and the subsequent update to version 2.31 was to cope with the use of unicode characters in the titles of some pages.


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