German magazine GAG-News CD 5 available

 It’s GAG-News, not bad news!

Back in September, when reporting that Drag ‘n Drop had ceased publication (again), I said:

This leaves RISC OS with only one remaining magazine, Archive. Already the platform’s only remaining printed magazine…

This was incorrect, a fact pointed out to me in the comments on that post. Not only is there another magazine still being published as well as Archive (and Drag ‘n Drop, which was subsequently resurrected by Christopher Dewhurst), but it’s a printed magazine to boot.

That magazine is GAG-News [English translation], published by Herbert zur Nedden for the German Archimedes Group, and proudly described as “the oldest and only regularly published German magazine for RISC OS computers” – the magazine has been going since 1992.

In December, Herbert announced the availability of GAG CD5 [English translation]– the fifth edition of GAG-News on CD. Costing twenty five euros plus postage, the CD contains every issue of the magazine from the first to the then recently published 124th, in both PDF and bitmap format, along with a viewer application for the latter. Unlike the previous four editions, though, number five doesn’t include any additional software due to the inclusion of the PDF files – the first time the CD has included the magazines in that format.

Please note, however, that in his announcement Herbert pointed out that “GAG-News is in German” so unless you can read German “GAG CD 5 is probably not much use for you.”

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