RISC OS Awards 2019 results published

And you might want to sit down for this bit: So have the survey results, right up to date!

The RISC OS Awards poll for 2019 was kicked off at the end of March 2020, and remained open for votes for three full months until the end of June. The results of the poll, which saw just 102 valid form submissions, were totted up at the end of July and initially published on the RISCOSitory Twitter feed on 1st August1 – and they can also now be found on the Awards website.

The winners will be contacted by email (where an email address is on file in the RISCOSitory bunker) over the next few days, with a direct link to their winning categories on the results page should they wish to refer to them on their own websites.

The outstanding Survey results have also now been fully processed – so all of the results from 2013 right up to 2019 can be found on the site. The way this data is presented has been changed, so the first couple of years results, that had already been processed and published, have been updated to match the newly processed results. These can all be found by visiting the Awards website; all are linked from the main page.

There is also a new page relating to the surveys, with historical comparisons of the results so far; charts showing how the results have changed year on year since the annual survey commenced in 2013.


  1. A mistake was made in the original count for the Broken Cog category, with Vince Hudd being declared Broken cog of the year for always being so far behind with everything. When finalising the results for the website, this error – and the cause of it – was spotted. In short, when opening the poll, a last minute decision was made to drop a nomination/option, which was referenced in the voting procedure as option ‘A’, but the remaining options retained their corresponding letter code. When analysing the results, the lack of an ‘A’ option wasn’t taken into account. This will almost certainly end up in the next poll as a nomination for that very same category!

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