Raspberry Pi hits usenet

Violent streak makes up for its small size.

Along with the usual comp.sys.acorn.* usenet groups read by many RISC OS users, another group that might be worth a look is a new group set up to focus on the credit card-sized Raspberry Pi.

comp.sys.raspberry-pi went live on 2nd April, and is likely to carry more posts from users of operating systems such as Raspbian rather than RISC OS, though our favourite system has cropped up a small number of times in the month or so since the group was created.

The group should be carried by most decent usenet providers so it should just be a matter of adding it to your current list of subscribed groups – the method for which depends on the software you are using – after which the messages should just start arriving in your next fetch. However, if your provider doesn’t carry the group, contacting them and asking for it to be added shouldn’t present any problems and, in the meantime, the groups earlier messages  can be accessed through web-based services such as Google Groups.

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