Another ‘coding on RISC OS’ fireside chat – 17th December

The first ‘coding on RISC OS’ fireside chat, held in November, successfully brought together a number of people who develop software on RISC OS – and even the OS itself in some cases. A summary of what was discussed at the meeting and planned for the future was documented and published by Paolo Zaino, remarkably quickly, on the RISC OS Community GitHub, in a section headed CodingOnRISC-OS.

Interested in coding on RISC OS? Join the informal fireside chat

Anyone with an interest in coding on RISC OS – at any level – is invited to join an initial fireside chat, starting at 7:30pm on Saturday, 26th November. Organised by Andrew McCarthy in cooperation with Paolo Zaino and the RISC OS Community project, the idea dates back to last year when Andrew had the initial idea. The aim is to hold a series of meetings on the subject of Coding on RISC OS, and this one is intended to be the first.

News nybble: Developers’ meeting, 21st January

There is a developers’ meeting scheduled for Saturday, 21st January, starting at 7:30pm – which, for anyone without a calendar to hand (hang on, you’re reading this on a computer, tablet, or phone, right?) that’s tonight. The subject matter is the use of Git for RISC OS software development. The meeting is an online one, using Zoom, and the credentials should be the same as the two previous ‘fireside chat‘ meetings – but if don’t already have them and want to join, get in touch ASAP!