Meeting for developers – 25th November

This Saturday (25th November) will see the next developers’ ‘fireside chat’ take place – an online meeting for people interested in software development on or for the RISC OS platform that will take place via the Zoom video conferencing system. The meeting will begin at 7:30pm.

You don’t need to be an established developer (on ‘our’ operating system or any other) to join the meeting, and nor do you need any particular skills or experience; you just have to be interested in software development in some way, with a RISC OS aspect to that interest. You could be an established programmer with in-depth knowledge of the OS, or you could be a newcomer to the platform and to programming who is thinking of using it to learn to write simple software – or indeed anywhere between those two extremes.

The meetings allow inexperienced developers to discuss the areas they are interested in, or in which they may have hit a stumbling block, and those with more experience to offer help if possible; they allow ideas, techniques, and preferred approaches to be shared, and can often be a showcase for newly produced videos that outline common tasks performed in different ways.

If you’ve attended any of the previous meetings, the credentials for joining on Saturday should be the same as before, but if you haven’t you can obtain them by sending a direct message to Andrew McCarthy on Twitter or Mastodon – or indeed from your RISC OS computer using ChatCube – or by sending an email to me here in the RISCOSitory bunker.

Please be aware, though, that any emails sent this way on Saturday may not get a reply until close to the meeting’s start time!

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