Developers’ fireside gathering – 20th January

It’s time to for anyone interested in RISC OS programming to get the fire (or other heat source) going again, and gather around the computer for another friendly fireside chat. The next one takes place on 20th January, 2024 – next Saturday.

Kicking off at 7:30pm, the meeting will as usual be held online using the Zoom video conferencing system, which means that as long as you have that running on a computer or other device, you can join in from wherever you are.

The aim of these fireside chats is to bring together not just experienced, knowledgeable developers, but also inexperienced newcomers, and even people who are only considering dipping their toes into the world of coding on RISC OS. A healthy mix of people at all levels is one of the things that can make meetings like this really useful, allowing expert programmers to pass on tricks of the trade to those still learning, or to help with advice to solve specific problems.

As well as seeking and receiving advice and help – or giving that advice – the meetings sometimes include first looks at new videos being prepared for the RISC OS Community YouTube channel, followed by discussions on the video topic.

The meeting credentials will be the same as previous fireside chats, so anyone who has joined one previously should have them. If you’re thinking of joining for the first time – or if you’ve lost those details – you can get them:

  • By contacting Andrew McCarthy on Twitter or Mastodon – or indeed from your RISC OS computer using ChatCube.
  • Or by sending an email to me here in the RISCOSitory bunker – but please note that any emails sent to me on the day of the meeting itself may not receive a reply until very close to the meeting’s start time!

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