Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the RiscPC with ROUGOL

A RiscPC promotional picture

It seems like only ten years ago that the RiscPC turned twenty years old, and there was an article posted here to commemorate the event, and we even had cake and celebrated at that year’s Wakefield Show – and that’s because it was only ten years ago! If you move forward ten years from that, you of course reach thirty, so it’s worth remembering the machine once again.

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Hexen 1.07 released

If you attended the Southwest Show back in February, you’ll know that there was a new release of Hexen from R-Comp, which saw some significant updates over the older version – amongst other things meaning it can now be run on more modern RISC OS computer systems. It seems that the programmer responsible for the updated port of the game, Gerph, has been continuing to improve it, because there is now a new version available – 1.07 – which R-Comp’s Andrew Rawnsley says is a major update.

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