Stay up above the world so high in your Tappy Plane!

And below those dodgy looking upside down sky mountains!

Rebuilding on a game he released last year but had to withdraw1, Jeroen Vermeulen has now released a brand spanking new title for RISC OS called Tappy Plane!

The objective of the game is to keep an a small aeroplane flying by repeatedly bashing a single key in order to provide it with lift as it heads left to right along a scrolling landscape.

That would be simple enough, except that landscape features obstacles that you need to prevent the plane from crashing into – such as the rocky mountainous landscape below.

“Easy,” you cry, “just keep its height to a maximum!”

Well, that would work, if it wasn’t for this being a strange world with rocky mountains extending down from the sky above!

Tappy Plane with mountains to avoid - both above and below!
Tappy Plane with mountains to avoid – both above and below!

“Wait, what?”

I dunno. maybe you’re having a nightmare or something. It isn’t really explained. Just grab the game – it’s available for free from !Store – and get flying.

The 2D side scrolling game features three difficulty levels, 256 colour graphics (and experimental 16m colour graphics), in game music and sound effects, parallax scrolling, and more.

The game has been written in BBC BASIC using the AMCOG’s Game Development Kit, and Jeroen has said Tony Bartram deserves an extra shout out for his assistance. The new graphics were sourced from Kenney, where a wide variety of impressive assets (audio and visual) can be found for use in games, all free to use under a Creative Commons licence.


  1. Back in June 2022, Jeroen brought to RISC OS a version of the famous (infamous?) game Flappy Bird. However, a legitimate concern was raised over its copyright status, so the decision was taken to withdraw it.

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