3D Turbo Boost screeches into availability

Released at the recent Southwest Show, 3D Turbo Boost is the latest game from AMCOG Games, and it is now available to buy online via !Store.

Level one of 3D Turbo Boost from AMCOG Games
Level one of 3D Turbo Boost from AMCOG Games.

The game is a driving game which AMCOG’s Tony Bartram says is a nod to the TV shows and films from the 1970s and 1980s that often featured cars being pushed to their limits, with chases, jumps, and crashes, and yet those cars often seemed to come out largely unscathed – although behind the scenes, the cars used to make the programmes were frequently replaced, sometimes multiple times per episode.

In one TV programme in particular with a car that played a key part, the vehicle was largely indestructible, and had the ability to travel at unusually high speeds and launch itself into the air – and this game emulates those three attributes, with the cars benefiting from indestructible armour, and rocket boosters that can be used for short turbo speeds and controlled jumps, provided it is travelling at over eighty eight miles per hour.

Keen fans of ‘special’ cars in movies might recognise that speed – but fear not; there’s no danger of any time travelling shenanigans in this game, because there’s no mention of the cars being equipped with a flux capacitor.

In the game, four cars have been modified to make use of the new tech, and your job is to help test them by driving them on top secret test tracks in secret locations. You’ll be racing them against another car controlled by either the computer or another test driver – so the objective is simple; win the race to prove the technology.

Level three of 3D Turbo Boost from AMCOG Games
Level three of 3D Turbo Boost from AMCOG Games.

Features of the 3D perspective game include a two player mode so you can play against someone else, or computer controlled cars if you want to play alone, split screen views showing both cars in play, joystick support, user controlled keys, five test tracks, three original music tracks, and more.

Tony has uploaded a video to YouTube of the game in action.

It costs £11.99, and as with all of AMCOG’s games, any updates are free via !Store (there is a special code included in the case if you buy it in person at shows) and full source code is included.

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