Time for more conversation with ROUGOL – 18th September

Like last month, it hasn’t been possible to arrange a formal speaker in time for the next RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) meeting, so the group is once again setting the evening aside for general chat on all things RISC OS and related – and possibly beyond.

Taking place on Monday, 18th September, the meeting will have its customary hybrid form, with some people putting in a physical appearance in the pub at which the group gathers each month, where they can enjoy the company of other RISC OS users with a meal and liquid refreshments, and others joining in over the internet from the comfort of their own homes (or other convenient locations), also with the option of food and drink.

The formal starting time of the meeting is 7:45pm, though the informal one depends on your method of attendance – you can expect to find ROUGOL members at the pub from around 6:30pm, and the online meeting should be open from around 7:30pm.

If you wish to join those attending in person, you need make your way to:

The Duke of Sussex pub,
23 Baylis Road,
London, SE1 7AY.

Only a short walk from Waterloo Station, the pub is easy to reach by public transport from all over London and, arguably beyond if you don’t have to factor in that it’s a Monday evening – unfortunately, Mondays have an annoying habit of being followed by Tuesdays. For those coming by car, there is parking available right outside the pub on Coral Street after 6:30pm in either the Petworth or Chichester rooms, both upstairs.

A map and directions can be found on the ROUGOL website.

If the issue of Mondays preceding Tuesdays is a factor that makes a joining in person awkward, the way to make your presence felt virtually is to make use of the Zoom video conferencing software, which is available for most mainstream platforms.

ROUGOL doesn’t provide a map for those using Zoom, because they don’t know how you’ve laid out your own homes, and can reasonably expect you to have some idea of where you need to sit. What they do provide, however, are the credentials that will allow you to join the meeting.

You’ll have those credentials if you’ve joined any other recent ROUGOL meetings, as they tend to stay the same, but if you haven’t you just need to contact the group in plenty of time for the meeting.

The Zoom meeting will be open from 7:30pm.

ROUGOL is also trying to organise a meeting covering the subject of fixing up Archimedes/RiscPC machines – so if anyone has any ideas on that, or might be able to talk about or demonstrate something in that regard – please contact them about it.

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