42 computers at the Southwest Show

Count ’em. You’ll see. No, wait, don’t – that’s meant to say 4té2, not 42!

The 4té2 machine, released last year, was R-Comp‘s follow-up to their previous Raspberry Pi-based computer, the 4té – and the company has confirmed that there will be a small supply of stock available at the Southwest Show on Saturday, despite the ongoing shortage of the Pi-boards.

Supplied in a rather sleek metal case, the machine has a Pi 4 at its heart, with an additional board to bring all of its connections to the front or rear as appropriate.

The computers will be available in a range of specifications, with options including whether it is a purely RISC OS machine, or one with both RISC OS and Linux options with larger SSDs, etc.

Because of the supply issues with the Pi 4, there is unsurprisingly a price issue with them, which means R-Comp is unable to reduce the price for the show. However, they say that any 4té2 sold at the show will include “an extremely useful free hardware upgrade” – though they’re keeping very tight lipped on what that is, adding only that “it will be something that’ll get plenty of use.”

Computers sold by R-Comp tend to come with a good selection of software included in their disc image, and the range included has been expanded, thanks to David Pilling, with DTP package Ovation Pro and the full-fat SparkFS file compression software.

4té2Browse is also included, and has seen an update in time for the show. A version of Iris, the work-in-progress JavaScript-capable browser from RISC OS Developments, the

4té2 branded version is kept a few versions behind – but if you want the latest version of that, just pop over to the RISC OS Developments stand for a download voucher!

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