DeleGate joins version 1.20 of PiTools

A new version of PiTools has been released by R-Comp, and is available now from !Store with the update free of charge if you’re an existing user.

Developed as 4téTools for their first Raspberry Pi-based computer, R-Comp recognised that there were already quite a lot of people using RISC OS on a Pi, so wrapped up the software and made it available as PiTools back in 2021. It’s primarily aimed at Pi 4 or 400 users, but can be used on any Pi, although users of anything older may not be able to use all of its features.

Those features include support for ultra-high definition screens at 60hz, scaling support to benefit old games, headless support, keyboard and mouse handling adjustments (particularly useful on the Pi 400), and more.

With version 1.20, the software gains a new tool – DeleGate, an application that provides protection against accidental deletions by providing a ‘recycle bin’ type facility, and also helps protect your !Boot and the special Loader partition, which helps the Pi boot into RISC OS in the first place.

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