MACadd a vCard to your address book

Kevin Wells has released version 1.05 of MACadd, his application to dig into the details of any given MAC address. The new version allows the company name and address behind the MAC address to be exported as a vCard file, ready for importing into a contact database.

MAC (media access control) addresses are unique codes assigned to network interfaces, with those codes able to be broken down into segments that reveal certain information about where they come from – such as name of the manufacturer. If you enter a code into Kevin’s application, it will then use Wget to look up the information via the MAC Vendors website.

vCard files – or Virtual Contact Files (VCF) – are small files that convey contact information in a specific format that any decent contact manager/database should be capable of reading and understanding. They thus present a quick and easy way of importing an individual record without having to manually key it in, or copy and paste between the source data and the database line/field by line/field.

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