Pinebook Pro lands in Bristol – 9th November

Bristol RISC OS Users (BRU) meet regularly, on the second Wednesday of every second month, and this month’s meeting therefore falls on the 9th. The group’s meetings tend to be fairly informal – a handful of like-minded people getting together for a pint and a bite to eat and a general chinwag, with one or other of them sometimes bringing along something interesting and relevant to RISC OS to focus that chat.

Chris Hall now has a Pinebook Pro from R-Comp, which he will be bringing to the meeting to demonstrate. The Pinebook Pro is the latest ARM-based laptop available from R-Comp running RISC OS (or directly from its original makers, PINE64, if you’re happy to use another operating system and add RISC OS yourself at a later date). At this stage, the RISC OS port to the machine is still considered beta, but R-Comp considers it stable and usable, with just a few more things to finish off before it can officially drop the beta status.

Chris is also planning to bring (but not demonstrate) a compute module 4 ‘Lite’ with an IO board, NVMe drive (with Linux installed) and SD card (for RISC OS), the FAT partition of which can be seen by both Linux and RISC OS – and it’s possible (but not guaranteed) that by the time of the meeting, he may have put it all in one of his home made cases.

If you live within shouting distance of Bristol – or expect to be in the area around the time of the meeting – you are welcome to join the group. The meeting kicks off around 7:30pm on Wednesday (9th November) at:

The Open Arms,
St. Michael’s Hill,
BS2 8DX.

The pub is undergoing a change of names, so it’s possible that the signage outside declares itself as the Colston Arms (its previous name) or ‘Pubby McDrunkface’ (its temporary joke name while the new one was decided on). It serves a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, with a small range of food.

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