General chat in YOUR living room with ROUGOL – Monday, 18th April

With the next meeting of the RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) falling on a public holiday, there is no formal speaker, and the meeting won’t be held in the pub. Instead, the meeting will be held online, and will be nothing more than a general chat amongst anyone interested in RISC OS.

The meeting will take place on Monday, 18th April, kicking off at 7:45pm, and to join in you will just need a computer or other device on which you can run the Zoom video conferencing software, along with the log-in credentials. If you’ve joined any recent ROUGOL meetings via Zoom, these are the same as before, otherwise contact ROUGOL to receive them.

All you need then to do is kick out any other members of your household from your living room1 (perhaps lock them in the cupboard under the stairs, or in the shed – anything like that should suffice), settle down in your most comfortable chair, and join in the fun.

RISC OS London Show banner

Speaking of ROUGOL, don’t forget to mark 29th October in your diaries – that’s the date of this year’s London Show, which the group organises. It will take place at its usual venue, the St Giles Hotel, Feltham.


  1. The living room is merely a suggestion – other rooms in your home may be available.

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