DrWimpC App Builder updated

Announcement from Peter Miller, 25th February, 2014

A new version of DrWimpC App Builder (1.21) is available containing the following changes:

  1. Added a menu to the New App dialogue to allow selection of either the ResFind program (by the German Archimedes Group (GAG)) or the new ResFinder program (by Rick Murray) to set the application language dependent resources path. A new version of the ResFind (v3.00) is included in the distribution that fixes the handling of the ‘Default’ country code and reduces the use of Obey$Dir to set the <AppName>$Dir variable.
  2. The generated !Boot file for a new application now makes use of the <AppName>Res$Path to load the !Sprites file.
  3. The DrWimpC App Builder ‘Defined Menus’ feature no longer needs a default template menu identification function to be selected and used automatically by the DrWimpC library. You just need to create the menu and associate it with a window or icon.

The updated archives are drwimpc.zip, drwdef.zip, drwdef1.zip, drwdef2.zip and drwdef3.zip3.

To update to the new version download drwimpc.zip and either the full drwdef.zip or the split download archives of drwdef1.zip, drwdef2.zip and drwdef3.zip from the DrWimpC web site and then, install the update by either copying the DrWimpC and DRWDEF applications from the archives to your current versions, or if you prefer, the slightly safer method of archiving your current installation and installing the new versions by copying them from the archives.

Pete Miller.

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