Two talks at the next Wakefield meeting – 3rd March

Phil Pemberton on software preservation, Andy Marks on RISCOSbits

The Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC) will next meet up on Wednesday, 3rd March, when there will be two guest speakers talking to the group.

Phil Pemberton will speak first, and will be looking at the subject of software preservation, covering both the 8 and 32-bit platforms. He will address the efforts involved in doing this, how end users can help, and the low-cost tools and free software needed, as well as highlight the ongoing work of the Acorn Preservation Team.

The second speaker will be Andy Marks from RISCOSbits, who will be showing off some of the new hardware and software he’s been working on over the past year, including the new FOURtress system.

The meeting will once again be held online, and anyone who has an interest is welcome to attend. All you need is a device capable of running the Zoom video conferencing software, your favourite armchair (other chairs may well be available), and a suitable supply of snacks and drinks.

Oh, and the meeting access details – if you contact WROCC by the end of Tuesday, 2nd March, you will receive those at some point during the day on Wednesday, in plenty of time to log-in to the meeting, which kicks off at 7:45pm.

If you wish to see how these meetings play out, check out the Club’s recent meetings, including links to videos of those meetings on YouTube.

And, of course, why not consider supporting the Club in its endeavours to bring you these meetings by joining? Membership is open to anyone, no matter where you are, and costs just £15.00 (£7.50 for the first year). As a member you’ll also benefit from a monthly newsletter delivered as a PDF by email, and access to the email discussion list – and when physical meetings are once again a thing, if you happen to be in the right part of the country at the right time, you’ll be able to attend for free (non-members who wish to do the same would have to pay £3.00).

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