Come and stay at the Haunted Tower Hotel…


If you visited the recent London Show, you would have had a chance to play a couple of new games – both with a theme corresponding with the event taking place the day before Halloween, with one available to buy at the show.

That game was The Haunted Tower Hotel, from AMCOG Games – and it is now also available to purchase via !Store, priced at £9.99.

The top down multi-directional arcade puzzle game puts you as a guest in the Haunted Tower Hotel, where the other residents want it to be a bit like Hotel California – where “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

That’s because the other residents are ghosts, and they want you to join them and stay in the hotel forever, but of course, having a life you’d like to return to, you have different ideas; you rather quite like the idea of leaving. So that’s your goal – to escape the Haunted Tower Hotel!

To do so, you must find your way down to the ground floor, and along the way you can collect and use objects, some in combination and some only if held, and open doors. You may need to interact with ghosts, and some may be helpful if you are able to help them – and some you may need to trick.

The game is suitable for all versions of RISC OS since 4.02, and works on VirtualRiscPC and RPCEmu, as well as all modern hardware platforms. It features eight directional scrolling, multiple levels, interactive characters, puzzles and action, sound effects courtesy of RDSP, and four original music tracks – and being an AMCOG title, the full source code is included so you can take it apart to see how it works.

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