ROUGOL to go all hybrid on Monday, 19th July

But it’s not a meeting about greener forms of transport – it’s both online and in-person

For over a year because of the pandemic, the RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) meetings have been held online so that the group could continue to meet, and continue to present an interesting and diverse range of speakers to its members.

However, a perhaps unexpected benefit of this has been an exceptionally good attendance each month, with a notable number of people joining the meetings who would not otherwise be able to attend, not only spread throughout the United Kingdom but also throughout the world.

With the Covid-19 restrictions now easing, the group is able to once again start holding physical meetings, but recognising the uptake in attendance from further afield, they are going to try out a hybrid meeting. Those who are able and willing to do so can visit the group in their pub setting, while those for whom that is a touch more difficult can attend virtually.

Since the aim of this meeting is to try out the hybrid approach, there is no guest speaker or set topic. Instead, it will be a more of a general discussion, and may even be slightly disjointed – particularly for those attending from afar – as the group tries out different setups in the pub!

The meeting-proper will begin at 7:45pm, with arrangements for the physical and online aspects varying slightly.

For those attending in person:

The Duke of Sussex, (Upstairs, in the Chichester Room), 23 Baylis Road, London, SE1 7AY.

Although the starting time for the meeting is 7:45pm, the room will be open to attendees with people from ROUGOL on-hand from 6:30pm.

There is some on-street parking available outside on Coral Street, and the pub is a very short walk from Waterloo Station if you’re braving public transport.

For those attending online:

As with all previous online meetings, you will need a device that is able to run the Zoom video conferencing software, which is available for platforms such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iOS. Combine that with a comfortable chair, and a plentiful supply of snacks and drinks, and you’re good to go.

Well, almost – you’ll also need the log-in details for the meeting. If you’ve attended other ROUGOL meetings this year, the details you’ve received previously are the ones to use, but if you haven’t you just need to contact ROUGOL as soon as possible to request them.

The online meeting will be open to join from 7:30pm.

London Show

Don’t forget that the London Show – which is also organised by ROUGOL – is currently scheduled to take place on Saturday, 30th October at the St Giles Hotel, Feltham. Which, yes, means that at this stage it’s planned as a physical event if the situation allows it.

All things being well, therefore, for an on-the-door fee of just £5.00 (free for any members of your group who are under sixteen years of age), you’ll be able to once again meet the people who develop (and develop for RISC OS), who organise meetings, and who just have interesting things to show off and talk about.

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