Chris Johns slithers up to Wakefield to talk Python

For the next Wakefield RISC OS User Group (WROCC) meeting the group is once again returning to the virtual world, with a meeting held over the Zoom video conferencing service, and this month the guest speaker will be Chris Johns.

Chris has ported the Python 3 programming language to RISC OS and he will be discussing this, covering how the port came about and demonstrating how to install it and run a simple “Hello World” program. He will also demonstrate Pygame, a RISC OS desktop application designed for writing video games using the language, before moving on to the future – what plans there are for Python – and then taking questions from the audience.

The meeting will take place from 7:45pm on Wednesday, 3rd November, and is open to all – so if you’d like to attend all you’ll need are a suitable system on which to run the Zoom software (which is available for the mainstream desktop and mobile platforms) and the necessary log-in details. If you’ve attended other virtual WROCC meetings, those details are the same as before – but if not, or if you’ve forgotten them, please contact the Club as soon as possible to receive them in time for the meeting.

Along with a system running the software, and those details, you only need to think about transport options, which are entirely up to you, but should generally involve nothing more than walking from one room of your home to another to settle on a nice comfortable place to sit down and enjoy the talk. Snacks and drinks should be available from your own kitchen, unless you’ve forgotten to stock up – but you have until Wednesday evening to nip to the shop!

Although the Zoom meeting is free for anyone to join, the Club is run on a membership basis and their normal meetings (when circumstances permit) take place at the West Yorkshire Sports and Social Club on the first Wednesday of every other month. When those meetings do take place, there is free entry for members, with a £3.00 charge for non-members. Joining isn’t expensive at £15.00 per year, and even cheaper in the first year when it’s discounted to £7.50 – so if there is any chance of being able to attend any of those meetings, it’s worth thinking about becoming a member.

Another benefit of membership is the Club’s monthly newsletter, the WROCC, which is delivered by email as an A5 PDF file, containing articles on the OS and applications, hints and tips, an overview of meetings, and much more. There is also access to an internet mailing list to discuss relevant issues with other members.

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