TrainTimes 1.17 putting stations on the map

Kevin Wells has released another update to TrainTimes, his application that allows people to look up timetable information about trains and stations from the RISC OS desktop without having to resort to a web browser on another platform.

Version 1.17 of the software now allows you to view stations on a map, provided Sine Nomine‘s Nominatum is present on the system and has been seen by the filer, along with RiscOSM or other software that can display maps.

The facility is available via a button from the Station window, and by clicking on an individual station on a train timetable window to call up a menu – the other entry on the menu being to call up the station details on the National Rail Enquiries website.

As well as Sine Nomine’s software to make use of this feature, TrainTimes needs Wget so that it can seek out the information about stations and trains from the Transport API site.

If you find Kev’s software handy, you can support it by either throwing a quid or two his way via Ko-fi or buying some merchandise.

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