Next Wakefield meeting may be unsuitable for the squeamish

Should they have held this meeting back until November?

If you want to hear a nightmarish tale that could have come straight out of the mind of Clive Barker or Stephen King, you should probably head for the next Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC) meeting.

Well, okay, perhaps it isn’t that sort of tale, but if you understand why quotation marks belong around the word ‘simple’ when using the phrase “‘simple’ hardware change” – and especially if it either causes you to give a knowing nod, or sends a cold shiver down your spine, you’ll appreciate Ruth Gunstone’s talk, which has been given the title “Media Server Nightmare”

Ruth intends to talk to the group about how a ‘simple’ hardware change – treat this insert as a pause to allow time for those knowing nods, or for those cold shivers to pass – to her Raspberry Pi OpenMediaVault server became a nightmare. And once the lights come back up and everyone breathes a sigh of relief that the worst is now over, the talk will move on to other Pi-related topics, including the subject of retro games for a community group.

Members of the club can attend meetings for free, and brave non-members can join the chilling evening in return for £3.00. The nightmare commences at 7:45pm on Wednesday, 4th September at:

The West Yorkshire Sports and Social Club,
Sandal Hall Close,
Off Walton Lane,
WF2 6ER.

Membership of the Club costs just £15.00 per year, discounted to £7.50 for the first year, and as well as free entry into meetings also brings with it a newsletter, delivered by email as a PDF file, and access to an online discussion forum as well as a members-only section of the website.

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