Discuss Recursion with the Midlands User Group on 20th January

The Midlands User Group will next get together on Saturday, 20th January. Kicking off at 2:00pm, the meeting will take place at the usual location:

The Methodist Church Hall,
B60 1BL.

The main focus of the meeting will be to discuss and finalise the group’s plans for the Recursion Computer Science Fair, which itself takes place on Saturday, 17th February, at:

King Edward VI School,
CV37 6HB.

The group’s plans for the event include a section on programming, and practical examples using a Maplin’s Robotic Arm, controlled by a RISC OS application – and other RISC OS-related exhibitors will include AMCOG Games, ROUGOL, and Soft Rock Software.

One of the exhibits on the Soft Rock Software tables will be the Jan Vibe graphics programs, adapted to run on the Raspberry Pi by Richard Ashbery – and if practical, this will also be shown at the Midlands User Group meeting as part of the discussion for Recursion.

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