AMCOG Flash Collection now available from Elesar

Flash! Aah-aah… I’ve played every one of them!

At the recent Southwest Show, there was a new product available from AMCOG Games – a USB Flash drive containing the complete set of the company’s RISC OS games and related titles to date. For those people unable to get to the show, it is now possible to obtain the AMCOG 2018 Flash Collection online.

AMCOG USB Flash Collection
AMCOG USB Flash Collection

The product is now available to order via Elesar Ltd, replacing the previous CD Collection that the company previously sold on behalf of AMCOG Games. Priced at £40.00 including VAT, the Flash Collection is supplied on a USB memory stick in a durable plastic case, and includes:

  • Cyborg, in which you take on the role of a cyborg treasure hunter, and must explore Castle CyberDroid in search of ancient treasure – but beware the various droids who are trying to stop you. (Currently £9.99 when bought individually)
  • Legends of Magic, an isometric 3D adventure where your task is to hunt down an evil wizard and banish him to the alternative dimension from which he has escaped. (Currently £7.99)
  • Eleven Mop Tops doing the Can Can (okay, not really) at four times the normal speed. Image courtesy of AMCOG Games.
    Eleven Mop Tops doing the Can Can (okay, not really) at four times the normal speed. Image courtesy of AMCOG Games. (Click for bigger version)

    Mop Tops, which recently saw an update that allows play to speed up when needed, is a platform puzzler in which you must employ a little lateral thinking to guide the titular Mop Tops to the exit. (Currently £9.99)

  • Overlord, in which you must blast your way through the Overlords’ defences, with the goal of reaching their home world in order to rid the galaxy of their evil tyrany. (Currently £4.99)
  • Xeroid, a space-based driving game, where you must pilot your ship along a space highway without falling off the edges or through holes, into the black hole below.. (Currently £9.99)
  • Protector, a side-view arcade game in which you have to save your world and its inhabitants from an invading force. (Currently £9.99)
  • The AMCOG Development Kit, which consists of tools, resources and a wealth of library code to make it easier to write your own games in BBC BASIC. (Currently £14.99)

And because the Flash Collection includes the AMCOG Development Kit, that means it also includes Mutant Penguin, a free top-down maze game in which the player must squash the slug-like spods on each level in order to progress to the next, and Sparky, the ‘case study’ supplied with the Kit for the purposes of showing how to put a game together.

As with all of AMCOG Games’ products, full source code is included and may be re-used in your own projects, and the collection includes over two hours of original music and a 70,000 word novel – and you will also find a code for !Store included, so that you can benefit from free updates.

The Collection will, of course, be available to buy directly from AMCOG’s Tony Bartram at the Wakefield Show, which is now a day under three weeks away – and at which Tony will be showing off, and maybe even selling, a brand new game: A first person shooter. With zombies.

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