AMCOG Games compilation now available from Elesar

With a growing catalogue available from AMCOG Games, it should come as no surprise to anyone that there would eventually be some kind of compilation available – and that has been the case since this year’s Southwest Show, when the company began selling a CD featuring their first five games.

The individual games continue to be available via !Store, but if you wanted to buy them as a compilation, on CD, the main way to do so has been to pop along to a RISC OS show and hand over the necessary amount of money to AMCOG’s Tony Bartram. “The main way” rather than “the only way” because, for a short period, it was also possible to obtain the compilation from Elesar Ltd – the company ran an offer in September where a free copy was available with every Titanium purchased.

However, for anyone who can’t get to shows and who only wanted the compilation on CD (rather than the individual games in download form), the need to purchase a new piece of hardware in order to get it may have been a bit of a sticking point. “Why can’t we order the CD online?” those people might be heard to ask.

And the answer they would now hear from Elesar is “Why not indeed?”

The AMCOG Games bundle is now available to purchase from Elesar Ltd for £35.00 including VAT.

The five games included on the CD are:

  • Cyborg (£9.99 when bought on its own) sets the player as a cyborg treasure hunter, exploring Castle CyberDroid in search of ancient treasure while avoiding various droids, all trying to stop you in your tracks.
  • Legends of Magic (screen grab courtesy of AMCOG Games)
    Legends of Magic (screen grab courtesy of AMCOG Games)

    Legends of Magic (£7.99 when bought on its own), an isometric 3D adventure in which the player must find an evil wizard who has escaped from the alternative dimension to which he had previously been banished, and send him back.

  • Mop Tops (£9.99 when bought on its own) is a puzzle game inspired by the classic Lemmings, and the player must employ a little lateral thinking to position the available objects in such a way as to help the titular crazy-haired critters escape.
  • Xeroid screen grab, courtesy of AmCoG Games - click for a larger version
    Xeroid screen grab, courtesy of AmCoG Games – click for a larger version

    Xeroid (£9.99 when bought on its own) sends the player careering down a space highway in a small ship, the goal being to reach the end of the highway before the time runs out – and without coming off, and being pulled into the black hole below.

  • Overlord (£4.99 when bought on its own) is a ‘tube shooter’ in which the player must blast through the Overlords’ defences, trying to get to their home world and rid the galaxy of their evil tyranny.

Purchasing the five games individually will set you back £42.95, so the compilation represents a saving of £7.95 (approximately the price of Legends of Magic, one of the games included) – so if you don’t yet have any, this is a good way to buy all five.

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