Show reports and discussions at ROUGOL – Monday, 15th May

It’s not only Smarties that have the answer – ROUGOL does too!

If you want to know what happened at last month’s Wakefield Show, a reasonable approach would be to read the RISCOSitory report – but I haven’t written it yet. The workload here in the bunker is such that the report is still to be written for the earlier Southwest Show – so the Wakefield one might be a while. You could also look at the videos of the theatre talks, but apart from one, I haven’t even watched them, let alone edited and uploaded them for you to do the same.

So what is the discerning RISC OS user who was unable to attend Wakefield to do?

And what if you are unable to attend the Acorn World exhibition, which is taking place this weekend at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge? It’s not possible for me to attend that one, so there won’t even be a report appearing here.

Well, just like Smarties, the RISC OS User Group of London has the answer – and also like Smarties, ROUGOL can be found in a tube… No, wait, you can get to ROUGOL via the tube. Yes, that makes more sense.

The group’s next meeting will be taking place on Monday, 15th May, and several of the committee have been involved in the preparation of the Acorn World event – so the subject of the meeting will be a discussion about how it was arranged, what was on display, and what happened.

Some ROUGOL members were at the Wakefield Show, so there will also be an opportunity to hear about what happened there – what were the highs and lows, and the good and bad about that event; first hand witness accounts.

So if you really can’t wait for a report to appear here, and you can get to London on Monday evening, head for:

The Blue-Eyed Maid,
173 Borough High Street,
SE1 1HR.

The group meets upstairs, in the restaurant, from 7:45pm, and anyone with an interest is welcome. There is no admittance fee, though you will have the opportunity to spend a little money on food and drink – the venue serves a range of hot and cold food, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

The Blue-Eyed Maid can be found between, and a short walk through well lit streets from either of London Bridge and Borough tube stations. There is also ample cycle parking nearby – and this, like those streets are well covered by CCTV.

Anyone coming by car should be aware that Congestion Charging finishes at 6:00pm, long before the meeting starts – but since this is Central London, so you need to take that into account, by making sure you have maps, time and patience.

And possibly Smarties for extra sustenance.

If you need help getting there, you can contact ROUGOL by email, via Twitter, or by telephone on 07970 211 629.

Looking ahead to next month, the meeting on 19th June will see a presentation by Dr Nat Queen of Birmingham University, with the subject will be Cryptography and Security – so if you’re feeling at all paranoid and that ‘they’ are watching you, this might be a meeting you need to attend. Make sure you keep those heads down as you navigate your way there through all that CCTV, though!

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