Latest iteration of Pi-based GPS – Bristol meeting, 8th March

Insert witty comment about Witty Pi here. Um… that’ll do.

The next meeting of Bristol RISC OS Users (BRU) will take place on Wednesday, 8th March, at the Hope and Anchor pub in Bristol – and, as ever, anyone with an interest in RISC OS who is in the area is welcome to come along; there are no membership or entry fees.

Running from around 7:30pm until closing time, the meetings are generally informal in nature, and consist of a group of like-minded people meeting up for a chat over a pie1 and a pint2. Topics can vary, but often include RISC OS-related matters – and recent or upcoming events usually get a look-in. The Southwest Show that took place during February, therefore, and the Wakefield Show that will be taking place in April are both likely to come up over the course of the evening.

In addition to this, Chris Hall is planning on bringing along the latest iteration of his Raspberry Pi-based GPS system. Chris was showing off this version at the Southwest Show, and it now uses a Witty Pi to power-cycle the system and therefore keep battery usage to a minimum. The Witty Pi powers it up at a regular interval, to allow the Pi to interrogate the GPS board and get a fix, then powers it down again.

So, if you want to know exactly where you are on Wednesday evening, the… um… place to be is:

The Hope and Anchor Pub,
38 Jacobs Wells Road,
BS8 1DR.

For those driving, parking is on-road. Local roads are metered, but charging ends at either 6:00pm for some and 7:00pm for others. And for those coming by public transport, Queens Road, The Triangle, and Park Street are all on major bus routes, and only a short walk from the pub.

Bristol RISC OS Users also has a mailing list, which any RISC OS User is welcome to join.


  1. Other foods are available.
  2. Other volumes are available.

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