New ‘Shows’ discussion list now open for business

With yet another successful Southwest Show disappearing in the rear view mirror (report coming soon…ish), and the Wakefield Show now looming on the horizon, there has been a small amount of behind the scenes discussion about issues surrounding the RISC OS shows in general.

An idea put forward in one of those discussions was for a general mailing list for people to discuss recent and upcoming events – and that idea has now been turned into reality with the RISC OS shows and events discussion list.

The range of topics that will be at home on the list includes anything at all relating to RISC OS shows and events, such as:

  • What people who attended a show thought of it.
  • What people would like to see at a future event.
  • Recommendations for places to eat, drink, and stay overnight.
  • Social activities surrounding events, such as groups arranging to meet up in nearby pubs.
  • Arranging mutually beneficial transport arrangements, such as car sharing.

People might also be aware of a non-RISC OS event that may be of interest to RISC OS users – such as a Raspberry Jam that’s local to them. If so, the RISC OS shows and events discussion list is a perfectly valid way to let people know about it – and doing so could very well lead to a more prominent RISC OS presence at such events.

The list isn’t just for users and visitors – exhibitors (particularly those who don’t have their own mailing lists or forums) are welcome to subscribe and share plans with people, find out what they’re hoping to see, and so on.

If you have any interest in RISC OS shows or other related events, this list is for you!

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