Free gaming from AMCOG with Mutant Penguin

You’ve heard of ‘Four from Toyah’, right? Well this is free from Tony!

Mutant Penguin from AMCOG Games
Mutant Penguin from AMCOG Games – click for full size version

Hot on the heels of the new AMCOG Development Kit and Cyborg, a game written with it by Tony Bartram, AMCOG Games has released yet another game – this one being the first free game from AMCOG, which can be downloaded via !Store.

Mutant Penguin sets the player as a penguin that is, well, mutated slightly from your normal, everyday penguin: It’s not made of chocolate (bizarre, yes, I know). Worse than that, it’s not the only thing that has been mutated: Each level is populated by spods, slug-like creatures that are hazardous to the touch, and the goal is to push blocks of ice around in order to squash them and progress to the next level.

A video of the game in play on YouTube

There are ten levels to the game, along with three original music tracks, and sound effects provided by RDSP, the virtual sound chip being developed by AMCOG Games.

Like Cyborg, the game was written as an example of the AMCOG Development Kit in use – but because it includes the core libraries from the kit, the program itself is crunched in this free version. To see the full source code, you will need to buy the kit – but if you just want to play the game, all you have to do is run !Store and download it.

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