KPDFUtil updated to version 1.05

Kevin Wells’ KPDFUtil has seen another update, bringing it up to version 1.05. The application serves as a front-end for PDFUtils, allowing a number of its features to be accessed from the desktop, rather than the command line.

By far the most noticeable list of changes in this version is the list of conversion targets, which is now much more comprehensive and adds NetPBM, SVG, HTML, and XML to the existing formats.

In addition, the program can now get information about the PDF file, such as the author, title, the software used to create it, and a number of other things, with various options including the format used dates, and so on.

Finally, KPDFUtil can now be used to extract a list of fonts used in the document and, separately, the list of substitute fonts.

Don’t forget, if you find Kev’s software useful, you can support his efforts by throwing him a few quid via Ko-Fi, or grabbing some merchandise.

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