The “golden” ARMiniX – 1080p60 OK!

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 22nd October, 2014.

Note – ARMiniX not actually made of gold.

During the build of every ARMiniX, we routinely test many aspects of its performance. Each machine has video, audio, CD, memory and other tests conducted in order to ensure that it is performing correctly.

Today, whilst building machines for the show, we routinely set it to 1080p (1920×1080) at 60hz. Normally, we’d expect this to display, but with minor colour corruption (solved by using our special MDFs with alternative modes). This ARMiniX was different. No colour corruption was observed. I tested another machine from the same batch of boards – symptom re-appeared as expected. Back to the “golden” ARMiniX – everything a-ok!

So, what we have here is an ARMiniX (powered by PandaLand), capable of video feats not seen by its ilk. I remain surprised by this, but nevertheless it seems that this ARMiniX is “golden”.

Note – 1920×1080 without issue is perfectly possible on all ARMiniXs via our special monitor definitions, but tends to require a select set of monitors. It would appear that this restriction doesn’t apply to the “golden” ARMiniX.

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We’ll have the computer at the show, of course, alongside an affordable monitor with top-of-the-line IPS panel.

For existing ARMiniX (and other) users, the usual 1920×1080 recommended monitors with IPS panels will be available on our stand too.

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