Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 24th October, 2014.


RISC OS London Show, St Giles Hotel, Feltham, 25th November October1


No more intercepted transmissions, no more hushed whispers. All will be revealed. Witness the arrival.

Non-vistors, please note that it will take a few days for the website to be updated, due to other commitments. There’s always the likes of Archive, RISCOSitory, Iconbar, RISCOSCode, etc. who will no doubt produce show write-ups.


  1. Andrew’s announcement arrived here just as I was in the last bout of chaotic activity before setting off for the show, so I just managed to squeeze it in  before leaving and, in my rush, I didn’t notice the incorrect date. I imagine that when Andrew wrote the announcement, he was similarly rushed off his feet, which is why he sent the announcement out with the wrong date in the first place!

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