Sound comes to Kevmon

No, fool, that was “beep bleep beep bleep beep” not “beep bleep beep beep bleep”

Kevin Wells has updated his Simon-like game, Kevmon, to version 1.02 – an update that adds sound to the game.

Simon was a simple game designed to test its players’ memory, brought out the 1970s, and played on a small upturned flying saucer console with four flashing lights. The UFO Simon console would flash a sequence of colours, with a corresponding tone for each, in order to test the nearby humans for the players to remember, and then recreate themselves by pressing each of the lights in – hopefully – the correct order. As the test game progressed, the sequence increased in length, allowing the aliens inside the space ship to study the intelligence of the human race and decide whether or not Earth should be invaded.

Kevmon features two levels of difficulty: Normal, which matches the original Simon game on which it is based with four coloured lights, and Expert, which features eight coloured lights instead of four. The newly added sound can be configured to four different volume levels (including off).

Testing indicates that the software does not transmit reports on the progress of its players through any interstellar communications relays, so Kevin has almost certainly not been abducted by aliens at any point and brainwashed into doing their bidding, and Simon might actually have been nothing more than a simple game.

We hope.

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