Updates to Fat32FS, Doom and Twinworld patch, new download page

It’s like a snippets post, but all for one developer!

Fat32FS, a filing system for USB mass storage devices, has been updated to version 1.40.

Announcing the update last week, developer Jeffrey Doggett explained that with this release the drive label can be changed from the menu, rather than having to use the command line, and that it also shows the partitions (if any) in use on the drive, and now partially supports extended partitions.

At the same time, Jeffrey announced version 1.11 of Doom, his port to RISC OS from the Linux sources of id Software’s classic first person shooter. This, explains Jeff, is to support the latest FreeDoom beta release.

Setting place on Phobos, one of the moons of Mars, the objective in Doom is to get rid of the creatures that infest the base in which the player finds himself. With the source code to the game having been released by id Software under the GNU General Public Licence, FreeDoom is a project who’s aim is to create a free IWAD file (the format used by Doom for its data files) – with the combination of the two resulting in a completely free game based on the Doom engine.

Finally, following a bug report, he has fixed his Twinworld patch. Twinworld is a platform game, originally brought out by UBI Soft on a variety of platforms in the late 1980s, including the Acorn Archimedes, in which the player’s goal is to find a stolen amulet and confront an evil wizard.

Jeffrey’s patch allows the game, which can be downloaded from Acorn Arcade, to be played on the IYONIX. The bug in question caused a timer to count down too quickly, and Jeffrey explains that “if you have left the !RunImage/orig file in place in the !Twinworld directory then you can just rerun the new patch again and it will re-apply the patches. It you haven’t then you’ll need to restore the original !RunImage.”

All three items, along with many other things, can be found on the new website Jeffrey has set up. Describing this as a mirror, he says he has done this because he can no longer access the old site in order to update it.

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